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  • Dominika Kwiecien

Ways to Stop Procrastinating

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Today, we often find ourselves being distracted by our phone and leave our work or

homework for a later time until we realize that it’s due soon and we stress to do it on time.

Procrastination is an issue today and I will talk about some ways that can help us to stop

procrastinating. One way would be to put our cell phones away, turn them off, turn off

notifications, or even put in on the bed so that we can focus on doing homework or other

assignments so that it doesn’t distract us. The second way would be to do the assignments ahead

of time so that we don’t have to do the work fast because it might not be our best work. Also, if

we have an exam in a week or in a few days, we should not leave it for the last minute and cram,

we should study every day until the exam day so that we are well prepared. The third way to stop

procrastinating would be to commit to the task and finish it so that later on a pile of homework

will come up and we will not be able to finish it which will make us submit the assignment late

and we will get a bad grade. The last way to stop procrastinating would be to make to-do lists so

that we know what we have to do on a given day and try to do as much as possible so that it

doesn’t come up later with other assignments that we are supposed to do. Finally, procrastination

is a real issue today, especially for young people who are in school or work because there are

many distractions that are not helpful in focusing on assignments.

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