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Semester Wide Events

From empowering workshops to insightful speaker sessions, our events aim to foster personal and professional growth, celebrate achievements, and motivate our members to become future leaders.


WIB Alumnae Relations events are dedicated to featuring WIB alumnae and their experiences in the professional world. These events serve as a bridge between past and present, offering current members a unique opportunity to connect with successful alumnae who have carved remarkable paths in their careers. Through panel discussions, keynote speeches, and interactive sessions, our alumnae generously impart wisdom, valuable lessons, and practical advice, inspiring the next generation of female leaders within the Women in Business community. Attend these events to expand your network, gain valuable perspectives, and forge connections that empower your professional journey.

At the beginning of the 2021-2022 academic year, Women in Business initiated a novel program of events hosted by any 2 committees within the organization, coined Cross-Committee events. These events bring 2 committees together by collaborating on a unique event that intersects both committees’ expertise, and leverages the synergy to host events with a fresh perspective, giving members a chance to learn and experience an innovative event. These events enable creativity among members, provide them with an inside peek into how a committee other than their own operates, and promote the social factor of the organization.


General Interest

Hosted by the Executive Board, General Interest Meetings (GIMs) are your initial look into WIB. Discover the diverse range of opportunities, events, and initiatives that define our mission to empower women in all aspects of life. About 3 GIMs are hosted in the beginning of each semester. These meetings are your introduction to connecting with like-minded individuals, learning about our club's values, and exploring how you can contribute to and benefit from our empowering community. Meet the board, learn about our events, and bring any questions you have about WIB!

Internal Communications events are designed for fostering friendship and building lasting connections within our club! Our friendly outings are the perfect opportunity to get to know other WIB members in a relaxed and enjoyable setting. From exciting game nights to casual lunches, we curate experiences that encourage laughter, conversation, and the formation of meaningful friendships. Whether you're a new member looking to break the ice or a returning face eager to expand your circle, our committee is dedicated to creating an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for everyone. Additionally, IC holds our semesterly induction ceremony to welcome new members and recognize the achievements of others.



WIB's Member Development (MD) events create a nurturing space for members to enhance their personal growth, teamwork skills, and professional development. MD organizes events that focus on individual growth and the cultivation of soft skills, enabling members to discover and unleash their potential through engaging activities, workshops, and discussions. Each semester features three highly interactive MD events, providing an excellent opportunity for members to broaden their networks by connecting with new individuals. Past event themes encompassed topics such as emotional intelligence, managing burnout, fostering effective teamwork, and discovering happiness in our daily lives.

Led by the Executive President, Open Board Meetings (OBMs) offer members a comprehensive insight into WIB’s functions and objectives. These meetings provide a transparent view of the board's discussions, operations, and strategies, as board members open their regular meetings to all members. VPs use OBMs to review hosted events, share committee updates, and discuss ongoing tasks, activities, and challenges while seeking valuable feedback. Members are encouraged to ask questions about the organization, responsibilities, and planning process. With the Executive President hosting three OBMs each semester, this is a valuable opportunity for members to explore various aspects of Women in Business, seek clarification, and gain a deeper understanding of their interests within the organization.

Open Board
Meeting (OBM)


WIB’s Philanthropy events are primarily focused on providing members with the opportunity of giving back, impacting others, and making positive changes in our communities. Traditionally, this change has been carried out through active volunteering opportunities with local non-profits. However, we also engage in rigorous workshops and info sessions centered around gaining awareness and deeper knowledge on imminent social issues and learning about ways in which we can all participate in this activism and advocacy.

        Among our volunteering sessions, we have participated in the Breast Cancer Walk for the American Cancer Society, the Brain Tumor Walk and the Holy Apostles soup kitchen. Furthermore, we have also collaborated with multiple local activists, supporting their smaller-scaled organizations.

The Professional Events Committee is responsible for hosting events that provide professional development opportunities and resources to help members gain exposure to the business world. Each event pertains to a different topic, industry, or company and allows professionals to share their  experiences and advice with all the members. Furthermore, members also have the opportunity to connect with these professionals in order to grow their professional network.


WIB Talk

A WIB Talk is a small-scale event in which a Vice President dedicates a specific topic of their interest and/or passion, that may be of significant importance, to introduce and educate members on. These events can be held by VPs individually, or with their committees. They are tailored towards members to gain knowledge, discuss, and analyze as a collective. At minimum, 3 WIB Talks are held each semester, all of which cover a variety of topics at the VP’s discretion. Past topics include open discussions on entrepreneurship, personal branding, mental health, professionalism, and self-empowerment.

In the 2021-2022 academic year, Women in Business introduced WIB Spotlight, a program hosted by the Executive President and her Executive Assistants committee. This series facilitates direct connections between members and companies, providing insights into career opportunities. Aligned with our mission's professional development focus, we organize at least three events each semester. The Executive Assistants committee hosts diverse firms sharing insights on their business and application processes. Past partners include National Futures Association, VanEck, Accenture, and AmplifyMe.

WIB Spotlight

"WIB Talk #1 was very engaging and gave a lot of helpful tips on landing an internship including what website to apply, how to apply, as well as keeping track of them. Additionally, the atmosphere was very open and I was able to ask questions that I had personally about this topic and I received very helpful advice that I will be utilizing in the future!"

Priya Iyer: Half Year Member '23

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