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The Collegiate Association of Women in Business initiated a novel mentorship program in the Spring of 2015, coined ATHENA - Leading with Wisdom and Courage. This program marks a milestone for WIB, as a mentorship program has never existed previously for the organization. Through ATHENA, mentees are provided with hands-on peer-professional mentoring that aims to enhance their professional and academic development. ATHENA is an unprecedented program within Baruch, as a professional mentorship program catering solely to female undergraduates across all majors. 


The ATHENA mentorship program is exclusively for inducted Women in Business members. Thus, to be able to apply to become an ATHENA mentee, one must first spend a semester completing WIB membership requirements to transition from being a prospective member to an inducted member.  Spring 2021 inductees will be eligible to apply to the program in Fall 2021. Fall 2021 inductees will be eligible to apply to the program in Spring 2022.

Mentee applications are emailed to inducted members and are not available online. Please contact the coordinator of the program at, with any questions or concerns. 

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