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Our Board.

Welcome to Women in Business, a vibrant community dedicated to fostering empowerment, inclusivity, and leadership among students. Our team is a dynamic group of individuals passionate about creating a supportive space where everyone can thrive. From organizing inspiring events to hosting engaging discussions, our team collaborates to uplift and empower women on our campus. Together, we strive to break barriers, celebrate achievements, and promote equality. Join us in our journey to make a positive impact, amplify voices, and create lasting change for women in our community.

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MTB Riya.png

Riya Sawant

Executive President

Executive Assistants

The Executive Assistants Committee is chaired by the Executive President and is responsible for maintaining the day-to-day operations of WIB as a whole, facilitating communication between the WIB Board, members, and external organizations.

This committee hosts 3+ company information sessions, known as WIB Spotlight Events.

MTB Lana.png

Lana Mohamed

Executive Secretary

Style Your Success

The SYS Committee is chaired by the Executive Secretary and is responsible for hosting the Style Your Success Fashion Show, showcasing different styles of business fashion. All proceeds are donated to charity.

MTB Melanie.png

Melanie Perricone

Executive Vice President

Pearls of Wisdom

The POW Committee is chaired by the Executive Vice President and is in charge of hosting our largest professional event of the year, the Pearls of Wisdom Leadership Conference, which takes place every March. 

MTB Navya.png

Navya Suri

Executive Treasurer


The Treasury Committee is chaired by the Executive Treasurer and is in charge of handling and monitoring WIB's budget throughout the academic year.

Meet the Vice Presidents

As of Fall 2022, there are 12 additional Vice Presidents who lead their respective teams of members, contributing to the efficient operation of WIB.

Hover over images to learn about their committees.

Join a Committee

The core of WIB lies in its committees, each playing a crucial role in the seamless functioning of Women in Business. These committees, led by a chairperson who is a board member, consist of at least one co-chairperson (a prospective or inducted member), at least one assistant (a prospective or inducted member), and several committee members (prospective and/or inducted members). The specific structure of each committee is determined at the discretion of the committee chair.


Recruitment for committees takes place in the beginning of each semester.

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