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Welcome to the newest members of WIB! We are thrilled to introduce a talented and dynamic group of women who have recently been inducted into our community. These new inductees bring a wealth of diverse perspectives, skills, and enthusiasm. As they embark on this exciting journey with us, we look forward to fostering meaningful connections, empowering personal growth, and collectively making a positive impact on Baruch and beyond!

Aalia Syed

Adhana Pond

Alvina Rahman

Anson Wong

Asia Gross

Cailyn Kitchens

Carmellinna Segovia

Clarissa Tanuwidjaja

Dania Felisme

Eliza Suarez

Emily Lau

Falisha Khan

Gabriella Milata

Gurjeet Kaur

Hajar Bouchour

Imaan Malhi

Iris Herrera

Karol Brenda Mejia

Kaitlyn Giannetto

Kelly Saquisili

Ketevani Jikurashvili

Maisha Zaman

Marycarmen Herrera

Michelle Gurevich

Nina Perlov

Paulina Lisowski

Ramsha Mazhar

Rashelle Ceballlos

Ruby Rivera

Sabina Vukovic

Sofia Revich

Sonia Gaglani

Steffany Garces

Tanya Jain

Want to Become a Member?

Each fall and spring semester, the Collegiate Association of Women in Business welcomes a new cohort of members. Undergraduate students of all years and majors are welcome to join WIB as prospective members, and complete the membership requirements throughout a semester to become inducted members. Click the button below to see current requirements for becoming a half or full year member.

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