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Women in Business


Grow With WIB

Every fall and spring semester, the Collegiate Association of Women in Business inducts a new class of members. Until you are officially inducted as a member, you are considered a prospective member. WIB is one of the few professional organizations on campus that does not have a "pledging" process, does not require members to pay a fee, nor does it limit membership to specific majors. Undergraduate students of all years and majors are welcome to join WIB as prospective members, and complete the membership requirements throughout a semester to become inducted members. 

Undergraduate students interested in becoming WIB inducted members must complete the following requirements: 

  • Attend 1 GIM

  • Attend 1 Co-Sponsorships / Handshake Event

  • Attend 1 Alumnae Event

  • Attend 1 Philanthropy Event

  • Attend 1 MD Event

  • Attend 1 Professional Event

  • Attend 1 Open Board Meeting

  • Attend 1 WIB Spotlight or D&R

  • Attend 1 WIB Talk or Internal Communications Event

  • Attend POW

  • Attend RISE or Attend PDD

  • Attend SYS

  • Join a WIB committee and obtain a position within it 

  • Create a LinkedIn profile with your VP

  • Get your resume reviewed at the STARR Career Development Center

    • Only with STARR only​ by *April 12th*

    • Email both annotated and final versions; CC President for approval

*Edit: Extended from April 1st due date​​

Induction Tracking Information

For most events, sign-in links will be present at the event to track your attendance. For co-sponsorship events, please send a picture of yourself at the event to your Vice President, and she will let the Internal Communications Team know about your fulfillment.

You can also email the Internal Communications team about other requirement inquiries. Feel free to reach out to us at 



Make sure you have the Vice President of your committee carbon copied (cc) on the email you send to the Internal Communications Team. Thank you!

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