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Spring 2023


Most Valuable Member of 


Lattane James

Magazine Editor

Read more about our MVMs in the STRIVE Magazine!

Our Most Valuable Players

Most Valuable Players

Briana Carchi 

Veronica Sikorjak

Diya Pahilajani

Michelle Lou

Paola Tarajda 

Ciarra Acevedo 

Yvonesse Pichardo 

Crystal Win

Justyne Abreu

Nigya Thapa 

Tansina Hossain

Faeyah Muhammad 

Jasveen Chawla

Lattane James 

Xhile Selami

Sharon Li


Alumnae Relations 

Corporate Relations 

Development and Rotations 

Executive Assistants 


Graphics & IT

Internal Communications 


Member Development

Mentorship (ATHENA)


Pearls of Wisdom

Professional Events 

Public Relations 

Style Your Success


Are you interested in becoming a member?

Click HERE to see the requirements for first becoming a half-year inductee.

*Note: After fulfilling the half-year requirement, you will need to fulfill full-year inductee requirement the following semester to be considered as a proud WIB member. 

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