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  • Mila Joksovic

Morning Routines

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, which has heavily influenced all of our lives, it’s easy to

fall into the continuous habit of low motivation and inspiration to pursue a healthier

lifestyle. While the definition of a “healthy lifestyle” can be deliberated and signify many

different things, a morning routine can improve the quality of our lives and days. 

In Women in Business, there have been several events discussing the theme “Morning

Routines” including the 2nd Fundraising Event called “Polish Your Morning Routine”

which dedicated the entire event to giving tips and information on how to construct a

morning routine perfect for your needs and well-being. Additionally, an assort of other

WIB events have touched on the subject of “routines” and different ways to improve our

lifestyles. Although as humans, we have different preferences and enjoyments, there are

still some essential guidelines on how to construct an effective and healthy morning


1. Falling asleep early the night before: 

Find a time to fall asleep, which will allow you to sleep at least 7 hours. Attempt

to reduce caffeine consumption at least 4 hours before sleeping and reduce phone

usage an hour before.

2. Waking up early the next day: 

Don’t hit the snooze button! Waking up early provides the amazing feeling of a

fresh-head start and eliminates the stressful necessity to rush. You can then start

your day on an optimistic note, and such positivity often stays with you

throughout the day.


3. Meditation: 

Meditating is a potent tool which influences the entire day and generates a

focused and calm mental state. Meditation can be facilitated through YouTube

videos, applications such as headspace or a quiet place with specific breathing


4. Healthy Breakfast: 

It is essential to consume healthy food in the morning abundant of nutrients and

protein. This includes vegetables and fruit, which can help boost your energy

levels and mental clarity as well as keep you satisfied for longer.

5. Workout: 

Find a way to move your body at least a little in the morning. It can be as simple

as doing some stretching or a few yoga poses or a complete body workout. There

are so many incredible benefits to this, such as increased circulation,

strengthening your muscles, as well as an increase in dopamine and adrenaline in

the body. 


While it is not easy to transition to concrete routines, I promise that a morning routine

with this structure will be an awarding experience and extremely worth it. Good luck!

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