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  • Aryan Tashahood

You Are Loved

The greatest thing we can do is let people know that they are loved. It is okay to feel like you have not been productive today. It is okay to feel like nothing is working out in your life right now. It is okay to feel alone and anxious during this period of uncertainty and social distancing. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We can turn to community to lift each other up. We as WIB sisters can help each other grow. Who can you call or video chat with that you haven’t reached out to in a while? Who do you want to send some love to? Who you want to be nostalgic with? So many of us have found a new reality these days that includes the concrete walls of our home, our plants and pets, and nothing else. Whether you’re now an essential employee or a work- from-home employee or you’re one of the many people finding themselves without work during the COVID-19 outbreak, please stay connected. We'll get through this together! Spending so much time at home can be overwhelming. We can find ourselves with a lot of extra time to fill, prone to heightened worry and emotionally self-sabotaging. All this adds up to a lack of a daily routine that can leave us feeling vulnerable to fight the ongoing impact of COVID-19. If you need some help structuring, your day or creating a routine, simply google one and use thousands of free templates to schedule your daily activities, to do lists and reminders. I hope this helps you stay positive and make the best out of today because tomorrow is never guarantied.

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