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  • Ashley Jodah

Fundraising Event #2: Games Day

It was that time of the year. Everyone was cramming for midterms, substituting coffee for food, and cutting any sort of social activities from their lives. But who says WIB can’t step in to save us for two hours?

On Tuesday, March 27th, the Fundraising Committee, led by Melissa Lee, hosted a fun-filled event to save us from our troubles. If you had the chance to come out and join the fun, you know exactly what I’m talking about. For those of you who didn’t, read on! In this fundraising event, it was time to set aside table manners and bring competitiveness to the table. Whether you knew your teammates or not, everyone was in it to win it.

We started off with a game of Scramble which, may I add, required a person quick-witted enough to find words in a snap. To continue putting teamwork to the test, we moved on to a cup race game. The team to transfer balls from one cup to another the fastest was the winner.

Challenge was, hands were not allowed! Contestants were either brave enough to pick balls up with their mouths, or relied on using a spoon. It was definitely a difficult task. but Publications VP Caitlin Quain rose the challenge and claimed her victory.

After that, it was time to think outside the box and use our talents. How fast can you blow up a balloon and then knock five cups down? How fast can one of your teammates run to pick those cups up and then build a pyramid? Pressing questions, to which we found the answer. This game required expertise in balloon blowing, speed, and agility, and everything was timed. It was the WIB Olympic Relay.

Even so, this fundraising event was stress free and loads of fun. It provided us a chance to step away from midterms and get to know other members of the club. With that chance to unwind, everyone was then able to get back to their studies and ace those midterms!

Thanks, ladies! I’ll be sure to stop by for the next one!

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