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  • Ashley Jodah

WIB Celebrates Launch of STRIVE Magazine

On March 13th, WIB’s Press Committee launched their Fall 2017 issue of Strive Magazine. Brace yourselves, readers, because it’s diversity empowered. The Press Committee—represented by Rina, Kat, and Bernarda—discussed what we can expect from this issue and revealed that most of their inspiration came from outstanding ladies in WIB and Baruch College, and amazing female professionals outside of Baruch.

To kick off the magazine launch, an icebreaker game of Would You Rather helped clear the air, get us talking, and gave the pizza enough time to arrive. Then, the girls of the Press Committee announced the theme of the Fall 2017 Issue: Empowering Diversity. The aim is to “highlight diversity within Baruch and WIB and celebrate all that it brings.” The Press Committee worked as a team for the written work, graphics, and layout of the magazine. Their empowerment theme was interconnected with all that they contributed. A team that mirrors the theme of the magazine leaves readers like us with the sense that this issue of Strive is definitely worth the read.

Additionally, the Fall 2017 issue touches on the realities outside of Baruch’s inclusive environment. “It was a topic that needed to be talked about,” says Kat, a freshman here at Baruch. When asked if the theme choice had anything to do with what we are experiencing today, Kat responded with a heartfelt, “Love Thy Neighbor”. Especially in New York City, where there’s so much diversity around us, it’s important to accept and respect our differences.

Strive Magazine’s Fall 2017 issue includes coverage of Style Your Success, one of WIB’s biggest events during Fall Semester, inspiring and empowering articles written by and for the everyday lady, like Amy Molina’s internship experience, and an interview with Maria Murphy addressing inclusivity of women in the workplace.

You still have time to grab your issue of the Fall 2017 magazine. Sign up through the Press Committee to receive a copy, or you can visit the WIB webpage and read Fall 2017 and past issues online! Also, be on the lookout for Strive’s Spring 2018 issue, set to be released at WIB’s Gala Event this semester.

Now, remember to love thy neighbor. Remember to support and empower them. And remember to read Strive Magazine! We’ll be doing the Press Committee proud.

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