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February MVM: Kelsi Johnson

Kelsi Johnson reflects on her freshman year at Baruch College and how Women in Business was a club that always peaked her interest but it took a nudge from a friend attending a meeting to shake her fear of not knowing anyone but becoming involved in the club anyway. Now she is the co-chair of the Fundraising Committee and this month's MVM.

"Go to events, everyone is so inclusive," said Johnson, as she offered advice to those who might be in the position she was in just a couple years ago. "Just go talk to anyone and if you're at an event you'll find a group and end up talking to different people.

Once Johnson, a junior accounting major, mustard up the courage to attend the events she praises now she began her journey in WIB— more specifically in the Fundraising Committee where she held her first position which dealt with the planning and execution of the various fundraising events the committee holds each semester.

Now as the co-chair she is the right hand to the VP of Fundraising, Melissa Lee. Johnson said that she still has a hand in the planning and execution of the events of the committee, but it's now on a much larger and in depth scale.

"She needs a spread sheet done, she shoots me a text and i'll do it," said Johnson as she described what type of tasks she completes in her current role. She said anything from proof reading an email to attending a meeting on her VP's behalf is fair game and she's happy to do it.

All of these things which Johnson has done fro WIB has aided in her own growth and development.

She said that this year's past Style Your Success Fashion Show, which also happens to be one of Johnson's fondest memories of the organization thus far, was when she truly began to realize just how devoted she was to the organization.

"I had been co-chair for a while so I started to become more involved, " said Johnson, speaking about the timing of SYS, "and I was so excited for the fashion show. I went out, got my outfit, and sent it to Melissa. And it was just so weird for me to be the type of person who was excited for that. So that's something new for me as a person and that definitely wouldn't have happened without WIB."

Part of what adds to Johnson's new-found excitement is the bond that she feels within WIB now that she has taken the leap of getting involved and being committed to the organization.

"Feeling like you belong to a sisterhood," said Johnson as she explains what aspects of the organization stands out to her.

Johnson said joining WIB was not a rushed decision in an attempt to meet people and make friends since she was fortunate enough to find a group of friends before joining the organization but she explains that despite this she has made friends in WIB and feels like it's a place worth belonging to.

"With WIB," said Johnson, "I feel like I have a place to be."

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