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  • Tiffany Liao

Undecided About Your Major ?

When I first entered Baruch College, I always planned on graduating with my Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy by Spring 2017. I am currently a junior still in accounting, but I wanted to change my major twice. My doubts came from how challenging the accounting courses were in Baruch, especially cost and financial 2 accounting. I thought about changing to finance or even marketing major, but I am determined to finish my major as I find accounting quite interesting.

When WIB’s Alumnae Relations committee first promoted their event “Undecided About Your Major?”, I knew I had to go check it out. I needed more insight on what it is like to be in the accounting field and I was introduced to the 3 WIB alumnae at the panel. They were very diverse in majors of corporate communications, finance, and economics. The three panelists, at first, insinuated that accounting was not the way to go--after having bad experiences in the major themselves. However, their point was not intended to dissuade people from joining the accounting field, but rather to persuade us to join something we love. Don’t choose a major that will only lead to a future paved with hatred and depression. Personally, I enjoy accounting and I don’t regret my decision.

Accounting is a necessity in the business world which is why it can provide secure jobs. I think it is an interesting major because it is a study of how to maintain finances of a company or an organization under the compliance of US GAAP, IFRS, IRS, etc. There are probably more principles that accounting majors should know, but bear with me, I am only a junior right now.

I took notes on all the alumnae when they spoke about their experiences with internships during the event. The alumnae mentioned that we should go for as many internships as possible to see what we like or dislike. However, it is so hard to get an internship now a days, I basically have to beg for one. I do follow this advice and apply to as many internships as possible. Don’t let the cover letter hurdle stop you from getting more experience in this world. You should always update your resume and practice for your interviews!

We should always create a roadmap for ourselves to keep track of where we are while complying to the requirements of Baruch (does this sound familiar?). Accounting is all about utilizing our organizational and analytical skills, but also try to keep yourself up to date with new accounting principles and current news. A way for us to draw a road map is to list out what we like or dislike and maybe draw visuals to try our best to find the passion we want to invest our time in. Once you have found your passion, you will develop your skills for it. Build an authentic network of sincere relationships. Not only are you taking advantage of your resources, but you will most likely find yourself a mentor! Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone there to critique you from time to time, and tell you silly or serious stories that happened to them in the corporate world? Sign me up.

The event has taught me a lot about networking and what factors to consider if I am deciding on changing my major. One of the alumnae even mentioned that she was previously an accounting major and she hated her first internship in that field. She hesitated for a long time before pursuing her finance degree. However, everybody goes on a different career path and I liked my first accounting experience. I have already drawn the roadmap for myself and I am determined to follow it.

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