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  • Meenakshi Mugrai

Women in Football

Football is a sport that is portrayed to be only for men. People often say that girls are not tough

enough or good enough to play football but that is not the case! Football is for everyone and

being a girl does not define your abilities.

There have been many breakthroughs for women in football led by numerous people. One person

in particular, Jen Welter is huge on knocking down the glass ceilings and the boundaries that

have been created connoting football as a men-only sport. She herself has spearheaded this

movement as she was the first female coach to serve in the NFL as well as the first female

running back in Men’s Pro Football.

Since then, she has led numerous girls' flag football camps and has led many other initiatives to

help empower, motivate, and support girls in football. She encourages girls to break down the

barriers and follow their dreams and their passions.

Just this past April, it was announced that flag football would become a college sport

within the NAIA and their partnering schools. Although Jen Welter was not directly involved

in this, it is thanks to her incredible work and empowerment that this came to be. This is also

huge for women and girls in football as it is the first step to the future of football being more

female inclusive.

Football is not only a man's sport and being a woman by no means makes you less capable or

less fit to play. If football is something that you love and that you are passionate about, there is

no stopping you, no matter your gender.

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