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Ways to stay focused while studying

Do you ever find yourself studying but taking quick social media breaks every few minutes? Writing the title of the assignment and then stepping back to get up to get a snack. Instead of avoiding that project looming over your head, use these methods to help focus and tackle it!

  1. Coffee, Tea, Water

    1. Caffeine is a gift to college students around the world. To be honest, I don't think I've completed a study session without having a caffeinated beverage nearby. Coffee or Caffeinated tea/energy drinks can be a quick pick me up when you are feeling low on energy and trying to understand your accounting assignment.

  2. Set reasonable goals for yourself each study session.

    1. Clearly label out what work needs to be completed over a calendar, then section off the assignments you can actually complete in a study session. Having a clear, reasonable setlist of assignments can help the work seem less intimidating. This way you won't be so overwhelmed and more willing to get that list completed.

  3. Set time limits on social media apps.

    1. During the school week, I have placed time limits on my most used social media apps. Starting off limits my top apps to 1 one hour of cumulative usage to 30 minutes maximum a day. After this limit is up, each time you try to open the app you have to put in your password, which becomes annoying. This helps me try to focus my attention in other things such as doing some reading or getting started on my homework.

These are just a few of my tips for remaining focused during a study session. Good luck in tackling those assignments!

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