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  • Yashna Motwani

Ways To Help the Environment

I always hear about how climate change is worsening and that we should do something to help our planet, but as individuals, we sometimes don’t realize the difference we can make if we just change small habits and implement a different mindset. This blog will share a few ways we can help the environment.

1. Use Recyclable Bags

Even though plastic bags are now banned in NYC I still see many businesses distributing them and people carrying them on the streets. Many stores have now started giving out paper bags instead which are better than plastic bags but still contribute to water pollution. This is why owning a tote bag or any sort of cloth bag that is reusable can be a great way to help the environment. Every time we reuse a bag we are not contributing to landfills and lessening the amount of waste we make.

2. Save Water and Electricity

All of these seem obvious, but sometimes we don’t notice that the tap is running or we just left a room without turning the lights off and these are very simple habits that we can easily change. Being mindful at home or wherever we are about saving resources can make a major difference and doesn’t require a lot from us. I see many houses now that have solar panels on their roof and it makes me so happy because they are using a natural resource to their advantage. After all, it saves the amount of electricity they use.

3. Use Reusable Cups, Bottles, and Straws

Similarly to plastic bags, water bottles, cups, and straws contribute to landfills as well. Since these are things we use daily, we should try to make sure we try to use metal bottles, cups, and straws, so we can easily wash and reuse them.

4. Plant a Tree or Try Composting

A more direct way to help the environment is gardening. Growing plants or trees are tremendously helpful to the environment because plants emit oxygen which helps us, and wildlife, and lessens climate change. Another fun way to help is composting. A lot of the waste we collect such as food scraps can be used in composting which reduces greenhouse gasses, helps with the growth of crops, and eliminates the need of using harmful fertilizers that are filled with chemicals. It’s an easy process and uses the organic waste that we already produce.

5. Try to Bike to Places

The way we choose to commute every day can heavily affect the environment. Cars, buses, and trains emit a lot of gas and pollution which is why bikes are a better option. Citi bikes aren’t too expensive, are great for exercise, and are easily accessible. Additionally, the government has made bike lanes on most streets to promote biking and ensure the safety of bikers.

These are just some tips on how to help the environment. Changing our mindset, tweaking minor habits, and reducing our carbon footprint can go a long way in making a difference to our planet.

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