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  • Niezum Ahmed

Top 5 Restaurants for the Summer

Food is the way to anyone’s heart and with New York City opening up to lead our “new normal,”

that means restaurants will reopen, the dining capacity will increase, and we can enjoy the most

delicious foods NYC has to offer.

My friends and I always scour the streets of NYC for restaurants to help satisfy our cravings.

From all the times we’ve walked around the city to diving deep on social media for the best

restaurants, here are some of my favorite places and ones I am excited to try out this summer:

Angelina Paris USA

Website | 1050 6th Avenue New York, NY 10018

Did someone say Paris is NYC? This cafe in Manhattan gives the ultimate Parisian vibes with its

pastries and brunch meals. You can pretend you are sitting by the Eiffel Tower, eating your

macaroons and drinking your coffee, while you admire the gorgeous interior!

Kokomo NYC

Website | 65 Kent Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11249

If you love Caribbean food, you’ll love this affordable restaurant in Williamsburg that serves the

best drinks and a delicious array of foods. Food ranges from those that love their vegetarian

options to all the meat and seafood lovers. My favorite meal was the Calypso Burger because I

am a firm believer that grilled pineapple can truly be put in any savory meal making it 10/10.

Rosies NYC

Website | 29 East 2nd Street, NYC, NY 10003

One of my favorite foods is Mexican food and Rosie’s definitely helps that craving immensely!

From the authentic Mexican cuisines to the gorgeous interior, you have to check this place out! I

am always left satisfied, with a full belly, and leftovers! My favorite order was the Enchiladas

Suizas, Rice and Beans, and Ceviche de Camarones.


Website (Yelp) | 181 W 4th St New York, NY 10014

Possibly one of my top 5 favorite ramen spots! My best friend and I had gone here every week

consecutively for an entire year so if that doesn’t say we’re obsessed, I don’t know what does. I

typically order the Spicy Miso Ramen or Spicy Shio Ramen with Spicy Gyoza––I love it all spicy!

Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream

Website | 2 Rivington Street, NY, NY

If you want to taste the best ice cream (next to Ben & Jerry’s), try Morgenstern’s Finest Ice

Cream with all their classic ice creams, pies, and cakes! Definitely hard to pick a favorite but so

far the best have been: Mascarpone Salted Hazelnut, Vietnamese Coffee, Mango Chili, and

Pineapple Pandan.

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