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  • Hana Vorobyova

The Perfect Interview Makeup

It’s time for your first interview and, of course, you want to look good. However, you’re stressed because you know you must also look professional and follow certain guidelines when it comes to your appearance. A few questions that pop to mind are: How should I do my makeup? How much makeup is simply too much?

Well, you can finally stop being puzzled by those questions now because here are some great tips for makeup looks with which you can’t go wrong!

1) Neutral and Natural

If you have a major interview at a big corporation and want to look super professional, you may want to try a more natural look. A little mascara and a light pink or nude shade of lipstick will do the trick. A subtle way to make the eyes pop or stand out is to use black or gray eyeliner to trace thin lines around the eyes.

2) A Bit of Sparkle

To give your look a bit of shine, opt for some light shades of glittery eyeshadow! Try using golden-bronze or silver glitter on the eyelids for a more natural look and subdued look. A bit of sparkle in that lipstick will also do the trick. That look will definitely work well for a well deserved night out after that big interview as well!

3) Just a Dash of Color

As mentioned before, eyeliner works wonders for bringing attention to the eyes and giving them an extra pop. If you’re interviewing for a more flexible and creative line of work, feel free to use a wide range of colorful eyeliner. Try out a light blue or dark purple around the eyes for a more exciting look! To help trace thicker lines around the eyes, use an eyeshadow stick. You can also opt for a darker shade of lipstick, such as an orange shade.

4) Browns

Brown is a color of eyeshadow that works for any eye color. As well as this, it is an earthly color, giving that effect of subdued sophistication in a makeup look. There are many shades of brown that you can opt for, so don’t feel limited to just one. For a more bold look, try a darker brown eyeshadow. For a more natural look, go with a soft light brown.

Now, you can go to that interview looking your absolute best!

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