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Style Your Success 2021

This past Thursday, on February 25, our Executive Secretary Amanda and her talented committee presented WIB’s first ever virtual Style Your Success Fashion Show. Here’s a recap in case you missed out on the fun. Be sure to read to the end to see how much money was raised for the American Cancer Society.

SYS this year, although virtual, was full of raffles, performances, activities, laughter, and of course, fashion. To start off the event, DJ Tyler Marin played the perfect soundtrack to get everyone excited about what was to come. Our hosts, Paige and Alyssa, provided a fun and engaging atmosphere for everyone in attendance.

There were four segments to the fashion show itself: Business Professional, Business Casual, Day to Night, and Personality. While they were all wonderful, the personality segment seemed to be a crowd favorite. This year’s styles were ideal for home or the office, and the inspiration was much needed!

Some of the night’s raffles were for gift cards, a photoshoot, a package from Healing Herz, Alimento body butter, a personalized glass, wig installation, juicy couture perfume, and a set of nails. No matter what your interests are, there was definitely a raffle for everyone. There were also 2 auctions. Simran Kumar auctioned off two original paintings and Lauren Lee auctioned off three original drawings. These two talented ladies did a great job encouraging everyone to donate for their artwork.

This year’s performers were Zac Matari and Con Killion, and everyone was lucky enough to find these two new artists to add to their playlists.

Last but not least, Michelle, WIB’s Executive Vice President, did a session called Mocktails with Michelle. She gave everyone the best recipes for tasty drinks to make any time.

Here’s the part you’ve been waiting for - the grand total of donations. This year, the Style Your Success fashion show was able to raise $2,955. This was a huge success and we were able to meet our goal thanks to all of the generous donations of WIB members, alumni, friends, family, and everyone else who donated.

Overall, SYS was a huge success and this event has shown the loyalty, strength, kindness, and generosity that Women In Business fosters. Once again, the WIB community has come together to do amazing things!

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