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R.I.S.E 2021

This Thursday, our Vice President of Fundraising, Simran Kumar, and her amazing committee organized WIB’s first virtual R.I.S.E telethon. R.I.S.E, which stands for Resilient, Independent, Strong, and Empowered, focuses on raising awareness and proceeds for Girl Rising, a global campaign for girls’ education and empowerment around the world. The following is a recap of the event for those of you that may have missed out!

Going virtual this year didn’t change the fact that this event was a huge success. The night was filled with a lively atmosphere from our attendees, as well as our two wonderful hosts, Paige and Alyssa.

The main segment of the event showcased thirteen talented and driven female entrepreneurs and what their small businesses had to offer. Our attendees were able to engage in fun auctions and giveaways ranging from products such as a handcrafted painting, jewelry, skincare, haircare, crochet plushies, fashion, and lip glosses, to services involving mentoring, styling, photoshoots, and travel.

Our performer of the night was singer-songwriter, Yancy Garcia. According to Garcia, education is a significant part of her life. She looks up to her mother and the late singer, Whitney Houston as a source of inspiration.

This year R.I.S.E exceeded their original goal of $1,500 and was able to raise $1,689 in donations! Thanks to the donations received, WIB was able to make a great contribution toward this great cause. The event was a huge success thanks to the participation from our WIB members and everyone who donated.

Even during unprecedented times, WIB was able to work together and create a difference in the community. To learn more about Girl Rising, be sure to check out their website @ and their Youtube channel

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