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Pink and Denim Day Telethon 2020

This past Thursday, WIB hosted its first-ever Pink & Denim Day (PDD) Telethon! This event was astoundingly successful, and the WIB community really showed how strong we are. Here’s a short recap in case you missed PDD, or if you loved it so much you want to relive it! Be sure to read until the end to find out how much money WIB raised for the American Cancer Society!

To begin the night, our hosts Alyssa and Paige welcomed everyone and created a fun, informative, and supportive environment. One of the first segments was a lesson from Dr. Anita Jasani to educate us about the risk factors of breast cancer, the importance of self-exams, and more. Dr. Jasani was very kind to share her expertise to help us protect ourselves. Then, Anwaar, the co-chair of the Fundraising Committee, shared her story as a cancer survivor to encourage us all to love, care for, and listen to our bodies. After this, there was an opportunity to have your birth chart read by WIB alumni Grace and Kelsi.

Something that was really special during this Telethon was meeting Anwaar’s sister, Alyssa’s grandma and brother, and more WIB family members. Sharing PDD with our families is such a powerful way to bring our community together for a greater cause.

Another highlight from the event was the annual “Pie the President,” where our two hosts were the first to be pied in the face by their family members. This special segment allowed WIB members to nominate a VP to be pied in the face by raising $50. WIB members then engaged in a fun TikTok dance session hosted by Snigdha and Berta.

The final fundraising event of the night was an auction, which sold three paintings from our VP of Fundraising, Simran, and hand-made bracelets from Anwaar. Then, there was a raffle for a set of acrylic nails done by our Executive Secretary, Amanda, who started her own nail business called Amanda on the Nails. A second raffle was for a $50 Baked by Melissa gift card.

Our Executive Vice President, Michelle Garcia, gave a very useful presentation on tips for preventing the flu and COVID-19. Michelle also included a herbal recipe that all WIB members can try at home to protect their health called the Caribbean Remedy. To end the night, WIB was lucky enough to have three incredible performances from Anushka Khandelwal, Xaviera Eustace, and Zach Matari.

Overall, the event was a huge success! This year, Pink and Denim Day raised $4,525, the most money ever raised at a WIB event! All proceeds from this event were donated to the American Cancer Society. WIB has shown that we are a strong, supportive community willing to help a good cause and that anything is possible!

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