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  • Hana Vorobyova

Music for the Mind

Picture this: It’s a Friday night, and you find yourself sitting at home with a bunch of textbooks and notebooks on the topic of your business class sprawled out on the table in front of you. That’s right—you have a major midterm exam tomorrow, which more than half of your grade depends on, and you already know you’re going to be up the entire night cramming in a bunch of information you need to learn. Meanwhile, all your friends are at a party listening to your favorite music.

Studying is exhausting and even boring, especially if it’s done in absolute silence for many hours. You may often find yourself wishing there was a way to be able to actually enjoy yourself while you prepare for an exam. Well, you’re in luck because there is a way to have fun while studying.

According to scientists, numerous studies have proven that listening to certain genres of music can help you focus on the task at hand and help your mind grasp and take in new incoming information more easily. These are the types of music that you can definitely listen to on a long sleepless night of studying to boost your mood:

1. Classical

While many of us are used to listening to pop music which is always heard on tv, the radio, or any public place you go to, no one should rule out classical music. There is a reason why this music is timeless and continues to exist centuries after it’s been written. While there are usually no vocalists and no lyrics in classical music, there is a beautiful melody, which various instruments come together to create. The lack of words in classical music could actually help you study, as you’re not tempted to blurt out the lyrics to your favorite tune whenever you know them. Classical music can help you calm down and increase your productivity. Some classical composers to note are Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven.

2. Nature Music

If you feel like you constantly keep losing concentration while studying and need something to keep you centered, listening to peaceful sounds of nature may be a great solution. Sounds of birds chirping, rain drops falling, and crashing waves will definitely make you feel more relaxed and grounded to earth.

3. Jazz

Jazz is a very light and laid back genre of music, which soothes the listener with its endlessly flowing melodies. It’s not too loud or fast, so you won’t find your thoughts being drowned out by the music. Jazz is also very interesting to listen to because it is improvisational, meaning the musicians basically create the music as they go along while still playing in unified harmony.

4. Modern Electronic

Modern Electronic music will definitely make you forget you missed that party. The genres of music that fall under the category of Modern Electronic music are Ambient House, New Age, Trip Hop, and Ambient Trance. Modern Electronic music uses synthesizers and electronic musical instruments to create relaxing music that is pleasant to listen to. If you’re looking for party music that is not overwhelming or distracting, this is definitely your go-to genre.

Now that you have a few great options of what music to listen to that helps promote concentration, take your pick and—most importantly—happy studying!

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