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  • Nuzat Choudhury

Living More Sustainably

There’s been a dominant idea of sustainable lifestyles: you can live such a lifestyle through extreme changes like only buying clothing from specific brands, purchasing products that use minimal plastic, or becoming a vegan. Although these are all options to live a more sustainable life, pushing this narrative excludes many individuals who are interested just because a) they may not be able to afford it or b) the changes are too extreme. You don’t need to be a vegan or only shop from slow fashion brands to help our environment, even though these choices are great! If we all implement small changes in our daily lives, it can also lead to a long-lasting impact. Here are 4 great habits that you can start building over this summer:

1. Turn off your lights when leaving a room

It’s a simple concept, but many people tend to forget to do this sometimes (including me). Turning off all lights when leaving a room can substantially reduce the amount of electricity used in one household annually.

2. Buy a reusable bag

Reusable bags are so convenient because not only does it reduce the amount of plastic used by consumers worldwide, it also makes it easier to carry all your purchases through just one bag. Another plus is that you can get super stylish ones to put your outfit all together!

3. Use an alternate mode of transportation

Rather than driving around all summer, spend your gas money on a Citibike. The Citibike industry is growing substantially and more docks are being added throughout the boroughs. Spend the hot summer days cruising around on a bike. You save gas money, help the environment, AND have a great fitness activity.

4. Shopping second hand

Thrift shopping and purchasing items through Depop are both becoming super popular. Shopping second-hand reduces the waste produced by factories and reduces the number of clothes being sent to landfills. It’s a great alternative that gets you super unique pieces tailored to your fashion style.

Living more sustainably doesn't just have to be about drastic changes. Small habits that you start can end up adding up and actually save you a lot of money. It's important to remember that there is no perfect sustainable lifestyle, and as long as you're trying to make some changes, it's great progress.

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