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Let’s Get Organized Ladies: Planning Edition

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Since the start of quarantine, many are losing track of the days and can’t differentiate a Tuesday from a Friday. When this happens, I have found that Baruch students are turning in late assignments, sleeping past meetings, and failing to use their extra time from not having to commute to their fullest potential. This is how I, Victoria Kenney can use this time to my potential.

*Before I start, I do want to note that for those having financial troubles, or are immunocompromised,

please prioritize that instead and try to work my steps to the best of your ability. This is just a guide and will not always work universally.

First, you’re going to need to get 2 to 3 planners. Depending on how much you

want to take advantage of this precious time with no commute or in-person

meetings, you can completely factor that out. So, before we tackle any kind of

extracurriculars, work activities, or internships, schoolwork comes first.

Understanding that, let’s buy each planner.

The first planner is a 24-hour Sunday starting planner where you will label

your whole class only schedule. (We will fill this up with work, internships, clubs,

and daily activities later) Fill up this schedule by the end of the semester. When

planning your classes, have them grouped to create at least 3 to 4 full days

of no classes. Classes should be colored with color 1.

The second planner will be for homework only as a weekly planner. This

planner is a planner that we all have. At the top of each day, write the classes that

you have for that day. Fill in homework and tests assigned for that day with a

checkbox next to each assignment.

Going back to the first planner, use post-its to stick onto days that you will

designate as homework/study days. These days will preferably not be Tuesdays or

Thursdays as those are club days. Use up Sundays and Wednesdays if possible.

Again, on the first planner, to the best of your convenience, write with the

post its, days and time that you would like to work or days that you would fill in

for a hobby.

Once you’ve made your basic outline of how you’d want to spend

your time before the semester starts, go job hunting or create goals for yourself. As

you create your schedules with these companies, clubs, or certificates, fill it in with

a 30 minute to hour gap in between, by the time you are finished, you have

homework days, club/school/work days, and friend hours all separated. Due dates

will become a thing of the past if you designate a whole day to


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