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How to Study Abroad at Baruch

Have you ever wondered what other students around the world may be doing, or does learning a different culture excite you? If it does, you might want to consider studying abroad. Studying abroad allows students to pursue their studies in a different country for a semester or an entire year. There are many reasons why you should study abroad. These include:

  1. Expanding your horizons

    1. You will be exposed to an unfamiliar environment while being in a foreign country. This will allow you to experience their customs and traditions. You will have the opportunity to learn about other people’s perceptions of the world and you may even re-evaluate your own perspective.

  2. Become fluent in a foreign language

    1. As mentioned previously, being completely immersed in a foreign country will allow you to embrace its culture, including the language. It is very hard to become fluent in a language without practice. What better practice than speaking with locals!

  3. Make friendships that span the globe

    1. Universities often have active international student organizations, so you'll get to know people from all over the world. Often, the friendships you make during your college years last a lifetime, and studying abroad is no different.

  4. Connect with your heritage

    1. If you're curious about your ancestry, studying abroad can be a great way to connect with your family's past. Learn where you came from, study the language, and perhaps even track down distant relatives.

  5. Challenge yourself

    1. Studying abroad will challenge you in ways you would not think possible. It is not a long vacation, you will be living abroad and will have to be able to rely only on yourself. But with this challenge comes growth from putting yourself in uncomfortable situations. If you commit, you'll find yourself thriving before you return to the United States.

Now that I have convinced you to study abroad, how will you do it here at Baruch?

  1. Attend a Study Abroad Fair

    1. Here you will get to meet students who have studied abroad in previous semesters and ask any questions you may have about the process to them or the advisors present.

  2. Attend a Study Abroad Virtual Information Session

    1. Here you will learn about the different programs Baruch has to offer and the necessary steps needed to continue in the process. After completing this step, you will be given a login for the Study Abroad Student Portal.

  3. Login to the Study Abroad Student Portal

    1. In the portal, you can see the different colleges partnered with Baruch, and equivalent courses each program offers, and how it will fit into your schedule.

  4. Choose the program!

    1. This is the best part! Find the program or country that best fits you. Not only research the college you’ll be attending abroad, but the location as well!

  5. Lastly, Apply!

    1. In the portal, complete the application steps, submit and you’re all set!

You will hear back from the study abroad office roughly a month after the deadline saying whether you have been nominated. Good Luck!

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