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  • Mila Joksovic

How to Get Yourself Out of a Rut

With all of our lives being heavily dictated and impacted by the pandemic, it is likely to

go through periods where we feel like we are stuck in a rut. In fact, it’s probable to feel

like life is repetitive, or there are simply less exciting things to look forward to. However,

with a few changes and actions, there is hope to get out of this trapped, negative state!

How do we know we are stuck in a rut? There are some feelings and tendencies which

we must look out for.

This includes: 

- Being unmotivated

- Every day feels the same

- Hesitance to work on yourself 

- Distancing yourself from loved ones

While these feelings are classified as “ruts” the severity of them and tendency is mild

compared to mood disorders such as persistent depressive disorder (PDD).

Now that we’ve described what the signs of being in a rut are let’s get into how to get out

of one. 

Sleep: While we might be busy and have many tasks to do, attempting to sleep at least 7

hours will let your mind and body be adequately rested. A rested mind will be less

susceptible to irritability and brain fog. 


Reward yourself: Every day you should make sure to reward yourself whether it a 20-

minute YouTube break, a coffee break, or an hour talking with your friend on the phone.

Normalize being kind to yourself.


Socialize: While it is hard and risky to socialize with people during COVID-19, calling a

friend on facetime, talking to your family at home, participating in a WIB event, are all

examples of effective socializing. No matter what we’re going through, taking your mind

off of things and talking to people will always make you feel better!

Exercise: Although it is sometimes difficult to motivate ourselves to be physically

active, it is scientifically proven that exercise improves various forms of mental health

and releases dopamine. Exercising will not only make you feel more energized for the

day but more focused and confident.

Go Outside: It’s very easy in this current time to stay home and feel as if going outside

is a hassle. However, going outside will change your setting, and force you to be active,

soak in some sunlight, and breathe some fresh air. This will overall result in you feeling

fresher and better.

Meditation & Affirmations: One of the most potent tools in improving your mental

state is meditation and affirmations. Meditation helps you feel more focused and

combats negative thoughts and overthinking. Affirmations alleviate the tendency to say

mean and negative things to ourselves, and overall uplifts us. According to different

studies, meditations and affirmations are most effective in the morning when we wake

up, and right before going to sleep.  

I hope all of these suggestions and tips help and always remember there is hope for

better days!

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