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  • Samantha Ickovic

How to Get Fall Fit

Do you find yourself making frequent trips to the fridge? (I know I do!) Are you finding it harder to incorporate exercise into your daily routine? As spooky season approaches and the weather gets colder, it may be difficult to maintain your usual fitness routine. Have no fear! Here are some tips on how to stay fit this fall.

1. Create Structure in Your Schedule

Set your alarm clock early and kickstart your day with some light cardio. Whether you are in your neighborhood or at a nearby park, a morning walk or jog will leave you energized and ready for a guilt-free breakfast.

2. Download a Fitness App

Your smartphone or watch may incentivize walking by tracking your daily number of steps, but they do not offer weight-loss exercises. Free apps like MyFitnessPal, SparkPeople, and Nike Training Club provide exercise routines ranging from yoga to weight training to cardio.

3. Exercise via YouTube Tutorials

There is no topic of video that you can’t find on YouTube. YouTube has an endless stream of video tutorials from DIY projects to programming languages to of course, exercise workouts. POPSUGAR Fitness is one of many YouTube channels that provides invigorating 30- and 60-minute workouts ranging from cardio and Pilates to Latin dance.

4. Plan Outdoor Activities

Now is the perfect time to plan fun outdoor activities while maintaining social distance and burning calories. Some ways to have fun and get fit include biking, hiking or going on local walks, apple picking, and even exploring haunted houses!

These are just a few activities to energize and shed some pandemic pounds. Grab a mask and a friend and start getting fit! 

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