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  • Hana Vorabyova

Hobbies that Raise IQ

Ever wonder if you could get smarter by doing something that you genuinely love? Scientific studies have found that certain hobbies lead to increased IQ levels as new stimuli are introduced to your brain. So while you enjoy playing a game or meditating without an agenda, you’re actually boosting your intelligence. Here are some hobbies that have been proven to raise one’s IQ:

1) Learning a New Instrument

Scientists have discovered that when you learn how to play an instrument, most of your brain is being engaged in this activity. The brain is working with your sense of hearing and sight when processing the different sounds being made by the instrument and the musical notes written on sheet music. Thus, this process enhances sensory development, and your comprehension skills are improved.

2) Meditation

Anything that can help you calm down and relax will certainly help increase your IQ level. Stress leads to memory loss and essentially the inability for your brain to function properly. Meditation gives you and your brain some rest, which is important to be able to handle the daily tasks and responsibilities being thrown at you.

3) Board Games

Many board games require you to think carefully and make strategic decisions, which definitely makes you more intelligent. Scrabble is a great game to use to help expand your range of vocabulary. Crossword puzzles also improve your knowledge of different words and their definitions. If these games don’t interest you, try monopoly or sudoku which are great for the brain too!

4) Exercising

Exercise is needed to keep your brain as well as your body healthy. Exercise helps improve one’s memory and concentration. Whether you love playing a certain sport or just going for walks outside, exercising is something that is accessible to all.

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