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  • Niezum Ahmed

Five Spots to Check Out This Summer

Summertime is upon us and instead of being at home cooped up on our laptops, we can finally

get out and enjoy the nice warm weather and activities NYC has to offer. I wanted to share with

everyone my favorite spots to spend my days in and the new spots I found so we all can have a

memorable summer!

New Museum

Enjoy contemporary art that often has conversations about the current global and political

issues we deal with today, artist conversations, a cafe, a sky room overlooking the city skyline,

and the perfect Bowery-Soho location of this art Museum.

SeaGlass Carousel at The Battery

Relive your childhood with the carousels shaped like gorgeous sea glass while overlooking the

gorgeous views of the city. I recommend doing this at sunset so that the lights from the carousel

and the city sunset views create the perfect vibe!

Sweet Cats Cafe

Enjoy this bubble tea spot and hangout space with plushie-filled claw machines and their

aesthetically pleasing pink interior!

New York Botanical Garden

If you love taking photos, especially against nature, take a look at NYBG’s recent exhibition with

Kusama and its beautiful art scattered around the garden. Your Instagram will look amazing with

all the beautiful nature and art in the background of your photos!

Fort Makers- Goodnight Moon Exhibition

Step inside children’s book Goodnight Moon in this immersive New York exhibition as you relive

your childhood memories, pretending to be a part of one of the greatest children’s books.

VR World

Want to play video games but also pretend you’re inside one of them? Try out VR world as you

step into an interactive playground to play all your favorite games with your friends!

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