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Building a Website with

Building a website can be easy and affordable. You don't need to be a web developer to design and create websites. It can even be at zero cost! Doesn't that sound convincing? Are you inspired to build your website yet for your personal or professional use?

Maybe you are early in your career field, not working in a visual-related field, or think you don't have enough content to put on your website. But don't let them stop you!

A successful website needs constant maintenance. It is built up little by little. Even if you only had limited information, putting it on a website under is still worth it. It can get hiring managers to find you, learn about you, and get in touch with you. Nevertheless, building a website is an accomplishment you can feel proud of!

Building a personal website is a way to brand yourself. Elevator pitch, resume, and projects are examples of elements you can include on your website to show visitors your potentials. Think of this as your curated space and gallery. Avoid showing the public that this is your online warehouse.

In, there are several templates you can choose from then later edit. Let's start with some key features and tools from Wix to help you get started with building your website.

[Menu & Pages] or [Site Menu]

If you are creating more than a page or section, [Site Menu] is essential. As you can see, “About Us” is a main page in When you hover over “About Us”, it shows subpages such as “Board Members,” “Committees,” and etc.

(...) Ellipse Button: This is on the right side of any pages listed on the [Site Menu]. Key features include 'Rename,' 'Hide/Show,' and 'Delete.' For 'Hide/Show,' you can make a page for the public to view or not regardless if you 'Publish' the page.

+ Add Page Button: When you click this button, you will automatically generate a new page to rename. To make the new page a main page or subpage, drag the page left or right and up or down to rearrange.

[Background] or [Page Background]

This is where you change or edit the page background. You can even apply a page's background to all the pages on your website by clicking the [Apply to Other Pages] button. Wix provides several options, like changing the background to a color, an image from a gallery or upload, or a video.


This is essential for adding features to your website. There are several popular ones like [Strip], [Text], [Button], [Menu]. Try exploring it yourself!

Strip Feature: There are two dotted lines when editing on Wix. Between the two lines is where you should only put your contents in.

What the webpage looks like on a big screen desktop is different than on a smaller screen laptop. The same applies to how it looks on a tablet. Any content in the middle section will be shown exactly how you want to show it. If the content is on the left or right side of it, it is possible that it will be cut off or look messy on certain devices.

Because you should only put contents in the middle section, the very left and right might look empty especially on a bigger screen device. The strip is a favorite feature for many users to avoid having the website looking “empty.”

When you add a [Strip], you can change the background of the strip. You can even make it blend in with the background. To do this, change the color opacity to 0%.

[Strip] → [Change Strip Background] → [Setting] → [Opacity & Color]

When you create new pages, one tip is to add empty strips. Later, attach text boxes or other contents to the strip. That way, you can rearrange your strip orders. You can also delete a strip and its content, then drag other strips up to close the deleted strip space.

[Theme Manager] or [Site Colors]

Every template has a default color theme. If you want to change the color theme for your website, go to [Site Colors] to make an edit.

Hover over the default color theme, then click [Change Theme] for other color themes in the system already.

If you still dislike the color themes the system has, you can edit individual colors on the color theme.

Other elements I want to highlight are [Pin to Screen], [Toolbar], and [Link].

In [Pin the Screen], for example, you can pin a button for it to be on every page. To do that, left-click your mouse and click [Pin the Screen].

For [Toolbar], it’s accessible on the top right bar. Features here include resizing items with the same width or height, positioning items to be on the same X or Y axis, etc. Explore this feature!

For [Link], it’s accessible on certain elements. For example, you can highlight a text in a text box to add a Zoom link. You can also insert a link on an image.

There are more, but these are some key features. You will get more comfortable with Wix when you spend time exploring. And by then, you already self-learned about other features on Wix.

Enjoy making your proud website!

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