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  • Su Hyun Park

4 Ways to Destress and Prepare for Finals

After attending Fundraising Event #3: Vision Boards, I realized I have so many goals but

haven’t been keeping track of any of them. Adding on to the stress of not knowing how to

navigate my goals, the stress from the upcoming final exams has simply made me overwhelmed.

I’m sure that many of my peers are also feeling stressed and anxious about the coming exams

and I wanted to share some ways to destress and stay ahead of the game.

I. Create your own vision board, maybe with friends or family!

A. I had an amazing time at the 3rd Fundraising Event brainstorming ideas and images I

wanted to incorporate into my digital vision board. It was relaxing to just hear other

people explain their goals or talk about their favorite artists that they wanted to feature on

their boards. While everyone was unique, it was exciting to see some similarities or

goals that resonated with me. It was recommended at the event to use Canva, but Google

Slides or Microsoft Powerpoint can also be used. Vision boards can be composed of any

goal in any category that you have and can range from short to long term.

II. Create a schedule to plan out your entire week.

A. Using Excel, I was able to create a color-coded weekly schedule, where I planned out

everything I had to do. I was able to organize my time for work, school, studying, waking

up, sleeping, taking a shower, meal times, and every little thing in between. While your

schedule does not have to be extremely detailed, having some structure and guide as to

how to spend your time may reduce some stress.

III.Find or rekindle a hobby to keep you happy.

A. With quarantine, most people have been able to find ways to have a little fun indoors or

some hobbies to keep them stress-free and busy. While studying for final exams is

important, it is also important to take care of your mental health. Take a break once in a

while and do something just for your own pleasure. I have recently found enjoyment in

creating jewelry and growing plants, and I make sure to spend at least 3 times a week

indulging in these activities.

IV. A clean room is a clean mind.

A. The last thing that any of us probably wants to hear is to clean our room.

According to a study published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin,

however, “people who described their homes as cluttered, messy, and full of unfinished

projects were also more depressed, tired, and stressed out than those who described their

homes as restorative and clean” (CleanCult, 2020). While a clean room does not

guarantee happiness, it can help reduce stress, which will allow one to sleep more and be


I hope that these little tips will aid you in your successful conquering of final exams. Have

vision, plan ahead, reduce stress, and stay positive!

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