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  • Aryan Tashahood


Self-care is showing up for yourself every day, and it is how you develop a strong relationship with yourself. When you practice self-care, you are in touch with your needs are and, you are always looking out for your future self. But self-care goes beyond just activities that make you feel good. Self-care is knowing who you can turn to when you need help or support. It also entails you to do the really boring things, like making that dentist appointment you’ve been putting off, practicing good hygiene, or going to bed at a rational time. Self-care requires you to check in with yourself on a daily basis and really listen to what your daily needs and feelings are for that day or maybe even just for that moment. Being a part of a community like WIB, responding to your needs, and connecting to yourself through self-care is extremely important for maintaining your physical, spiritual, and mental wellbeing. So, go out and find likeminded individuals, allow yourself to feel the full range of feelings. Make plans with yourself. Reconnect with what lights you up and take care of your future self. YOU ARE WORTH IT! YOU ARE STRONG! You have grown through your hardest days so far, and you will continue growing every day. Struggling with your mental health while trying to navigate life and stress is not easy, but you are doing it. And look at you, you are still here! Take some time to take care of you today. Sending love to everyone in this WIB community.

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