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Places to Travel

During the time of social distancing, I find myself revisiting pictures of my travels. Reminiscing on what once was, thinking about the next time I’ll be able to travel. I’ve only recently started traveling however these are my top 5 Favorite things to do in the place I’ve traveled to so far.

At #1 we have Ecuador; I highly suggest you visit the Galapagos Islands. This archipelago and its immense marine reserve are known as the unique ‘living museum and showcase of evolution’. In order to get to Galapagos, you must take your flight from Quito Ecuador to Isla Baltran ($192) then take a bus to a water taxi to the main island. I must remind you to get this “visa” ($20). This is one natural experience you won't regret!

At #2 we have Puerto Rico; I suggest you book a tour with CARABALÍ ATV ADVENTURE. This is an exhilarating one-hour ($55+ 30 per extra passengers) or two- hour ($99 +55 per extra passengers) ATV ride through the foothills of El Yunque National Forest! This invigorating ride exposes you to the spectacular scenery of Puerto Rico’s east coast as you roam through towering trees, tread through creeks, climb hills, and coast through vast rugged rainforest terrain. After this tour I highly recommend entering the national park of él Yunque. Here you will see beautiful waterfalls and views of Puerto Rico!

At #3 we have the Dominican Republic; here you should really explore the 27 waterfalls. These complexes of 27 waterfalls are visited on guided, high-adrenaline tours with hiking, sliding, and swimming. Below are the prices and I must remind you that the prices are much less if you're Dominican.

$9 or 500 pesos for 7 waterfalls $10 or 550 pesos for 12 waterfalls $13 or 700 pesos* for all 27 waterfalls

After stopping by the side of the road and buying chicharron from street vendors. Promise you won't regret it!!

At #4 we have Bermuda. This might sound like you're breaking the rules, but I’d highly suggest a late-night Cave Swimming at Grotto Bay Beach Resort. This excursion is closed to the general public, so you have to stay in this hotel, you also have to know the locals because this excursion has a designated closing time.

At #5 we have Mexico, while visiting Mexico I went to Xplor by Xcaret($130). Xplor is the most visited zip-line park in the world. Two circuits of seven zip-lines each, make for a thrilling exploration of Playa del Carmen’s jungle. A waterslide and two refreshing water landings will get you soaking wet in the most adventurous fashion.

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