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  • Electra Economopoulos

How to Celebrate National Decorating Month

You may not know it, but one national observance in April is national decorating month! To bring national decorating month to life, here are some small changes that can bring new energy to any space. 1. Add contact paper. Contact paper can be used to cover almost any surface you can think of. One side is adhesive, while the other side is a smooth vinyl. As an added bonus, it is easy to clean because of the plastic-like texture. Contact paper can have so many different patterns and you can use it to change up the look of a desk, a bookshelf, or even a laptop. The opportunities are endless and it is a great way to create a fun change.

2. Move around some furniture! Change the direction of your bed, the location of your desk, which corner your lamp is in… anything! This will refresh your room and make you feel like you are in a new environment. It will help with productivity and inspiration, and it is a good way to stay busy during free time.

3. Add an accent wall. Paint one wall in your room a new color. You can add a pop of color with something bright like yellow, or you can use a darker color for an already bright room to add depth. Painting is fun and you can get your family involved for extra help too! If you would rather not paint, hang a painting, a picture, or some kind of decoration on a blank wall to give it life.

4. Bring in new lighting. One new type of light you can use is LED strip lights. They come with a remote control that changes the colors of the lights, hence changing the color of your room. You can match the lights with your mood or change the lights to boost your mood. Another thing you can do is bring in natural light. If furniture blocks a window, move the furniture to enhance the natural light. Finally, add a new lamp or get rid of an old one if you do not need it anymore.

5. Bring in some green Plants, whether they are real or fake, add life to any room! If you choose a real plant, be sure to give it enough water and sunlight as the weather gets warmer. If you choose a fake plant, you can move it around however you like without worrying about sunlight. Finally, if you prefer a real plant but fear that you will forget to water it, go with a succulent. Succulents require less frequent watering than other real plants and they can tolerate indoor living conditions very well. Whichever plant you choose, be sure to get creative with it!

Celebrate National Decorating Month the right way with these tips. Revamp any space to enhance your mood for the whole month!

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