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  • Tenzin Chimi

A Work-Life Balance

The third and final event of the semester hosted by the Professional Events Committee discussed matters of achieving the ideal work-life balance. As we continue to grow as students and slowly approach the lives of working professionals, the event touched on balancing work and social life while providing tips on how to stay active.

How to Create a Social and Work Life Balance: An easy way to find balance in your social and work life is by making friends with your co-workers, whether it's grabbing lunch or coffee together. Another way to do this is by creating a weekly event that you could look forward to, like “Bagel Tuesdays” or “Movie Mondays”. Attending company events is another great tip! Many companies host social events like Christmas parties and team bonding experiences that can help you build relationships with your co-workers. Being located in NYC offers us many opportunities to participate in activities around the city. Activities that require team effort like Escape Rooms or game nights are great ways to work with your co-workers towards a common goal outside of the office. Other options mentioned were group classes and workshops, like cooking classes, or Happy Hours at restaurants, which are fun and relaxed ways to get to better know your co-workers. It’s also important to be able to find personal time. Having free time doesn’t necessarily mean available time. In your own personal time, you can keep yourself entertained with different hobbies and interests. Being well rested is important to both your physical and mental health so make sure to allow yourself to have good quality sleep. This time is also great to keep yourself healthy through exercise and meditation.

Health and Wellness: With an emphasis on staying fit and active, the committee provided examples of different exercises for different levels of experience. For those who are beginners, doing body-weight workouts is an easy way to exercise without complications. Simple workouts, like push ups and squats, are things anyone can do and doesn’t require any equipment or weights. Working out about 3 days a week for 30-45 minutes will help one maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. Those who are intermediate level should incorporate resistance and weights to help increase the intensity of the workouts. The committee suggests working out 3-5 days for 45-90 minutes if you have more experience. After providing great tips on balancing work and social life while staying fit, the Professional Events committee concluded with important reminders to members such as taking breaks from the stress of work, exploring your interests and enjoying life!

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