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Member Development: Find Your People

Thursday, February 20th the Member Development Committee set up an engaging and thought-provoking event about the different relationships we engage in. New and returning members participated in four interactive activities to strengthen perspectives on the normal relationships in our lives.

Where the Wind Blows Social Starter

The committee first had us split into two groups. We played a game in which everyone in each group stands in a circle and one person stands in the middle. The middle player would say “The wind blows where…” and they would find a widely liked hobby or trait such as, “the wind blows where you like dogs.” Everyone who likes dogs had to move in a position across from them until there was one person in the middle who did not have a position open to move to. They would repeat the phrase “where the wind blows..” and add in a commonality that is related to them.

Forgiveness In Toxic Relationships

The next activity pushed members to share information about a toxic relationship once experienced. Each person within the group talked about someone who let them down previously and the rest of the group had to share reasons on why the toxic person is good. This exercise forced members to see the good in a terrible situation and drove them to forgive those who hurt them.

The Best Support Group

Another activity allowed members to select the most crucial personality traits that a good friend has. Each group had to agree on the five most important traits out of a wide selection on the board and share with the rest of the club.

WIB Bonding

For the last activity, the membership committee asked us to play a game based off of “hot potato.” We circulated a bag within our groups consisting of fun questions that we would otherwise be uncomfortable to answer. By the time the last activity happened, the groups were closer together and able to share deeper secrets. Music played in the background of our conversations and when it stopped, one person in the group would pull out a sliver of paper containing a question. This activity allowed members to bond and develop more meaningful relationships within Women In Business.

Overall, the experience was great for making meaningful relationships and the interactive games made it unique and interesting to meet new people.

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