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  • Daniela Radhaykissoon

Staying Mentally Sane During Finals

It's time to face the horrid reality of what is to occur next month… FINALS!

We have just gotten comfortable and nestled in our holiday slumber with finals tucked in the back of our minds. But not to fear, here are some tips and tricks for mental clarity, and stress-relieving tactics to survive the next month and to make it to the end of December!

1. Stay Organized

Organization and planning are crucial for mapping out your study sessions, tutoring hours, self-care routines, and of course, social outings because it's always good to treat yourselves! By planning, it alleviates the sense of being overwhelmed because it puts you in control of what needs to be done and how to complete it in time. Some planning methods can be writing daily “to do” notes as well as using Google Calendars which you can access at all times! Both are perfect to sort out homework, jobs, as well as making time for friends and family.

2. Set Realistic Goals

Another great tip is to write daily realistic goals that you can achieve. For example, reading a few chapters of your textbook, completing online assignments, and finishing that project a week early. Not only does it eliminate the possibility of procrastinating, but it also provides the sense of achievement and confidence in not rushing your work. These methods would help you feel secure, make short and long term goals, and hopefully lessen your tension.

3. Exercise and Meditation are Essential

It is easy to make false excuses for allotting time in your schedule to exercise, but it is proven that exercise and meditation are essential activities that have significant payoff in the long run. As stated in the Harvard Business Review, “Studies indicate that mental firepower is directly linked to our physical regimen” and by regularly exercising it can improve concentration, memory, and stress. Exercising is also a form of self-care because it gives your mind a mental rest from studying, jobs, and the noise of our busy lives. It allows time for ourselves, for our betterment and ensured productivity. Scheduling time for physical health is crucial for successful performance in the workplace and not making excuses for yourself also boosts your confidence as well as mental stamina.

4. Eat Well

Around this time of the year, most get-togethers are food centric, but it’s important to mindfully eat so you don’t feel sluggish throughout your day. Some college students spend a lot of their income on dining out so these tips can help with saving money as well as becoming a more mindful eater. Becoming more aware of what you buy as well as taking note of how much you spend daily can effectively save money. Daily budgets allow for more careful spending and only buying what is essential for that day. Purchasing your groceries and meal prepping, though it is hard to do with a tight schedule, can allow for healthier foods and more savings.

Finally.. With effective organization, exercise and mindful eating and spending, this combo can lead to a more successful and nourishing lifestyle.

Yes finals is one of the hardest times of the academic semester and it’s the last thing we want to think about, but with this reminder of our impending doom, maybe it will help jumpstart your studying as well as introduce some healthy lifestyle choices that can make your journey more successful. Wishing you the best of luck and please take care of yourself!

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