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  • Caitlin Quain

April MVM: Lea Jang

From running Women in Business' Instagram account to helping put on one of WIB's largest events of the year, Lea Jang has done a wide variety of jobs within WIB. One thing that he's been present in every job is her dedication to the organization.

"This was just an organization that I could really see myself with," said Jang, the junior International Business major, as she explained her thought process in joining WIB, "just because the mission really aligned with mine."

Jang said that prior to being a part of WIB she was much different than she is today and she attributes a lot of her professional and personal growth to the organization.

"I've definitely become a lot more confident," said Jang, "and I think that happens naturally when you're surrounded by people who are confident, like board members or just even fellow committee members."

Jang said that the club's large scale events were really what stood out to her— especially POW. Fast forward a couple years later and she had a huge part in putting together POW which took place a couple weeks ago.

She currently hold the position of Co-chair in the POW committee and performed tasks such as reaching out to professionals, helping plan the night's itinerary, and even speaking in front of those in attendance the night of the event.

"Everyone does have their designated roles, but especially as Co-chair you just need to be ready to do anything and everything," said Jang as she explained the work that went into planning POW.

Jang said that one of the largest tasks she took on was to form the panel for the event. Doing so involved reaching out to possible speakers and she even reached out to over 100 women in LinkedIn. In the end, Jang was happy with such efforts as she liked how the panelists were from diverse fields.

Jang is also involved in other clubs on campus while and interning simultaneously, but she says it is under busy schedules that she thrives.

"When my schedule is kind of blank I feel like I'm kind of not doing anything productive and I'm wasting my time," said Jang about how she balances all of these responsibilities.

She attributes the maintenance of such tasks to her ability to plan ahead and the help of tools such as Google Calendar.

Jang said that it is those around her who continue to motivate her to take on and stay on top of such tasks.

"Being a part of an organization that's that big and active it just pushes you to do a lot," said Jang, "because you're surrounded by people who are doing so much, you end up doing a lot too."

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