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  • Caitlin Quain

Hosting a WIB Talk: Astrology 101

This past Friday evening in a small classroom I was able to host the first WIB Talk of the semester alongside WIB's executive president, Kendra Lojano. As members filtered into the room and grabbed a slice of pizza we began our presentation on Astrology. Kendra and I went into all the basics of each of the twelve zodiac signs and explained some of the basic placements; such as your sun sign, moon sign, ascendent, and Venus. Not the type of event you would expect from an organization focused on professional development, right? But that is the beauty of WIB Talks.

These events give members the platform to speak about topics which they are passionate about and share some of their knowledge with fellow WIB members. Not only do such events provide an engaging experience for those who attend, but hosting one is a great experience. From the preparation that goes on behind the scenes to getting up and speaking to a room of people these events allow one to grow through hands-on experience.

The days leading up to our WIB Talk, which focused on what the stars have to say about our lives, Kendra and I had to do various things to guarantee that the event would go off without a hitch. Planning was our first step. We had to plan what our presentation would entail and come up with interactive aspects of the night that would make sure to keep our audience's attention. We came up with two activities. The first involved playing a video of Baruch students answering simple questions regarding their personality and after we had taught the attendees about the different signs and each team had to match each of our participants with their sign. The winning team got 10 out of 12 correct— arguably the result of some great teachers. ;)

After that portion of the event was over we planned to transition into explaining what aspects of life some of our different signs or placements control exactly. Then it was time for another activity in which the audience was given various situations and they had to decide which sign or placement would influence ones behavior most. At the end of the night everything ran smoothly and those who came said they actually did learn a thing or two.

That is all that can be expected from a WIB Talk. That members raise their voice about something close to them in an environment where people will listen.

If you're interested in hosting your own WIB Talk contact your VP!

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