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November MVM: Katerina Papadatis

Katerina Papadatis began her career at Baruch College just a few short months ago. She was dragged to Women in Business’ General Interest Meeting by a friends, where one of the first members she met was executive secretary Jenifer Criollo— little did Papadatic know that she would help Criollo plan Style Your Success, WIB’s largest event of the Fall semester.

“Women in Business I figured would be a great way to grow as a person and develop professional leadership and communication skills,” said Papadatis, speaking on her motives behind joining the club.

Now after a semester of being a part of WIB, Papadatis expressed that her expectations have not only been met but even exceeded.

“I’ve learned how to communicate differently between friends and professionals, and I think I’ve really matured and grown as a person,” said Papadatis, “I’m really happy I’m here.”

This development came from her acquisition of positions in two committees— Press and Style Your Success. She explained that this allowed her to explore two of the things that she loves, writing and fashion, while also working on her professional development.

“It was a lot of work, a lot of running around after school hours, a lot of emails back and forth— I definitely learned professional email etiquette,” said Papadatis about her position as clothing manager in the SYS committee, “but it was absolutely worth it. I’d do it again.”

All of this can seem like a lot to deal with but Papadatis urges those who have to take on multiple tasks, as she had to throughout the semester, to just take a breathe.

“Despite the chaos one might have with their schedule, it is always important to acknowledge your own well-being too,” said Papadatis. This is the strategy she took on to tackle the workload of two committees and make this semester a memorable one.

“They day of SYS, between being able to go and speak in front of everyone, because I actually do like public speaking, that was a highlight,” said Papadatis. “And honestly just learning that Jen (Criollo) respected the hard work I put in, that was a highlight. It wasn’t the actual event but just the emotion behind it.”

Making this the perfect way to end her first semester at Baruch and see all of her hard work fall into place.

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