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Pink and Denim Day 2017

Check out our recap video to get a peak at what you missed!

At this year’s Pink and Denim Day, Women in Business raised $1,527 to be donated to Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, a campaign under the American Cancer Society.

Pink and Denim Day, commonly referred to as PDD, is a day in which WIB members are asked to wear pink and denim clothing in order to raise money and awareness for breast cancer research by having stations that feature sweet treats, henna, and even presidents of clubs on campus taking pies to the face.

“I think my goal was $1,000, so definitely we exceeded all of the monetary goals,” said Melissa Lee, vice president of WIB’s fundraising committee, reflecting on the outcome of the event she spearheaded.

Lee expressed how her and her committee planned diligently to ensure that the day would go off without a hitch.

“I started Planning Pink and Denim day during the summer, before I had my committee,” said Lee.

These planning efforts including things like Lee brainstorming ideas for different booths and stations to attract students to the event, as well as reviewing notes from VP’s before her to get their take on planning the event.

“Then I started planning with my committee a month or so before the actual date,” added Lee, “and then I had to keep up with it going into the day of, practically.”

After all the prep was done it was time for the event with, “Pie the President” being one of the event’s largest attractions.

Lee explained that each organization gets their first pie for free and then after that members have the opportunity to pay for their chance to pie the president of the club they’re a part of and the presidents took the pies gracefully, keeping in mind that it was for a great cause.

The Sweet Tooth Booth is another popular feature of the event— a bake sale featuring everything from cupcakes with pink frosting to chocolate covered strawberries, the booth features everything someone with a sweet tooth could desire.

By the end of the event most of the baked goods were sold out, leaving only a few items on the table, accounting for a substantial amount of the money raised.

PDD isn’t the only event that WIB partakes in during October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, to raise money for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer— earlier in month WIB members attended the organization's walk in Central Park and raised over 500 dollars.

“I think it’s really great that we don't just do one event,” said Lee. “It shows that we’re really involved in this cause, by having our members attend the walk and then hosting a big fundraiser for it, it has more of a community aspect to it.”

Breast Cancer Awareness Month has now come and gone but efforts, such as WIB’s, will last a lifetime.

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