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  • Adanna Carter

Homecoming Football Game 2017: A WIB Member's Take

For this year’s homecoming Baruch USG hosted a Flag football tournaments in the gymnasium. The speakers were pumping, music was blasting, the crowd was moving, and the mascot was prancing. The gym sounded like there was a party transpiring. It would be a common mistake to think that you were walking into a party, instead of a sports game with the presence of a DJ, dance battles, dance skits, and an overall break out of dance moves.

However, what confirmed it as a sports game, was the sight of male college students running back and forth with flags on their belts. The crowd was a little small, but the energy was strong. The players were very competitive, but their focus was distracted. The music slithered around the room and into the audience. It was a game and a show! The mascot made his rounds, encouraging students to cheer, do the wave, dance, and return his generous high fives.

The crowds personal favorite was definitely the blue team. The team brought their fans and their fans definitely had school spirit. The intensity of the game, as expected, was played with fierceness, strategy, and strength. Every now and then the players would get consumed by the party vibe, start dancing during the game, and choreograph little numbers. The cheerleaders shook their poms poms on the side and a few a members in the audience showed some shoulder movement and leg stepping. You could see the party pushing its way into the air.

But the real question is, who won? The answer is everyone! There were no losers here. The gist of this sport was to showcase the Baruch Spirit and play for the love of the game. At the very end, the friendly playing finally transformed into the vibe it was portraying and the party got the best of everyone. A circle developed and the battle dances began.

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