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  • Sadia Huque

Fundraising Event #2: WIB Family Feud

For their second event of the semester the Fundraising Committee hosted an interactive game of Family Feud. Aside from the game there was also great food— creating a great time. There was pizza, garlic knots, and everyone’s favorite… Chocolate Chip Cookies! What could ever go wrong when there are chunky smooth and oh so perfect cookies around. After eating lunch and catching up with each other, we began what would become a very intense and heated game of family feud.

Family Feud is a game show that consists of families competing against other families by answering a variety of questions. The family that gets the highest amount of points wins the game. So for WIB, the room was split into families, there was; The Pumpkin Patch, Fantastic Five, Pentaforce, Slytherin, Da Winnas, and Pizza Lovers. The groups had to answer a large range of questions. Some came from the actual game show, and others were made up by the committee. From guessing what the average person’s fear is to guessing the top majors of WIB members, everything was covered. One had to beat the clock and buzz in first via our phones to answer each question.

However, the families experienced some technical difficulties with Wifi, and other issues. So, using their resources and bright ideas, the family members were able to troubleshoot and solve their technical issues. From screen tapping technical difficulties to then eventually leaving the phones and timing hand raises to see which team would answer the question next. . And of course after tons of laughs, it came down to the final round Pumpkin Patch vs. Slytherin. After a well fought round to decide the winners Slytherin emerged victorious. The winning team was presented with very cute halloween themed goodie bags. In their prizes they had cookies, candies, and even a mini pumpkin candy bucket. We all had a great time and we can’t wait for our next event!!

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