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Professional Event: Beauty in the Business World

What’s better than going to a business related event hosted by Women in Business? Going to a business related event hosted by WIB about makeup, of course! This week WIB hosted “Beauty in the Business world,” to showcase the do’s and don’ts of makeup and the importance of first impressions.

The event was hosted by alumni Anastasiya and Christina, the founders of Beaut Commute, an on demand beauty service for on the go women with services such as makeup, hair, nails and eyebrows. What impressed me most about Beaut Commute was their inspiring mission statement reminding women that beauty and business can still go hand in hand. Taken from their Facebook page, their mission statement is to “empower women worldwide to be confident, classy, and captivating on their time.”

For those of you who missed out on the event, no worries, I have summarized below the key points of the event as well as some makeup tips Christina gave us during a makeover session for one of the members in the audience.

Want to nail that job interview? Make sure you take the following into consideration:

1. Do not go crazy with the makeup! Make sure you go for a natural, simple look for your interview. This means lighter shades, neutral lipstick, natural eyeshadow colors (no shimmer or glitter), and a subtle cat eye. Mascara and foundation is fine as Christina said, but make sure not to pack on too much. Remember, you want to look polished and confident, not overwhelming and unprofessional.

2. Hair should be kept neat. Try to use hairspray if you have fly aways, and if you’re just having a bad hair day (we’ve all been through this), keep a few bobby pins and hair ties in your bag! A tip from one of the members in WIB was to tie up your hair for a sleek look if you have a tendency of constantly touching your hair.

3. Take a picture with flash before you leave the house! This is geared towards after you do your makeup. Not everyone has and can afford a Natural Daylight Makeup mirror so taking a picture with flash before stepping outside is the best way to make sure you don’t look too caked up.

Nailed that job interview? Awesome! Now don’t forget to take the makeup off!

Makeup consultant Christina stressed the importance of cleaning and taking care of your face after a long day keeping it on. She recommends drugstore makeup wipes (e.g. Clean and Clear), face washes, and oil free moisturizers such as the moisturizing gel from Clinique.

Check out Beaut Commute for a consultation or makeover! They are conveniently located right by our school.

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