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Fundraising Event: Are You Smarter Than A High Schooler?

The Fundraising Committee kicked off the semester with their first event last week. As you would expect from the name, “Are You Smarter Than A High Schooler?” WIB members in attendance engaged in a competitive game. Our members were split up into two groups: The Warriors and Don’t Stop, Won’t Stop. The teams were tested with Regents questions in subjects such as Chemistry, Biology, World History, American History, and Algebra. While some members were able to recall what they had learned years ago, others were not so fortunate.

The Warriors kept a steady lead throughout most of the game, but began to slip up three fourths into the game. Who can blame them? The questions became increasingly more difficult as the game went on. Some questions included “What was the primary goal of President Thomas Jefferson’s 1803 decision to purchase the Louisiana Territory?” and “What is the product of (2x+3)(4x^2-5x +6)?” I don’t know about you, but I certainly do not remember enough from American History to answer the first question. The algebra question was more of a matter of which team could solve the problem faster. If you are curious, the answers are to gain access to the New Orleans Port and 8x^3 +2x^2 -3x +18, respectively.

With only two questions left, the teams were tied at 25 points each. Don’t Stop, Won’t Stop was able to pull through to win 27-25. Even though they had a slow start, they caught up to their opponent in the second half of the game similar to The Patriots in this month’s Super Bowl.

The Fundraising Committee raised a total of $70 for WIB. For their upcoming events this semester, join us to show your support. A little friendly competition is always a great and fun idea. Lastly, congratulations to Don’t Stop, Won’t Stop!

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