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  • Mahnoor Usman

SYS: An Attendee's Perspective

Style Your Success was back this year, bigger and better than ever! With fifteen amazing corporate sponsors such as TD Bank, Dunkin Donuts, The Little Bra Company, combined with over fifteen club co-sponsors, the show came to life with the diversity of support. This fit well into the show’s theme: Fire and Ice, which was to show the difference in gender dynamic in the workplace. While the men showcased a cool, icy ambience, the females turned up the temperature with their intensity.

With the help of a great team and clothing managers, the SYS committee was able to get a range of clothing sponsors for the show. These included past sponsors Sarango and Egami, but also featured four new clothing sponsors. The new clothing sponsors included Steps Forest Hills, StylishGal Boutique, Sacca’s Suits and Tailor Shop, and Vince Camuto. This mix of clothing sponsors allowed the show to maintain its original glamour and add a new unique style.

Along with the clothing, the twenty models also added a new twist to the show during the final personality segment. Traditionally, SYS features four segments, out of which the fourth segment is a creative concept created by the current SYS committee. This year, the committee chose to thank the amazing models by allowing them creative freedom to have fun with their partners and show us a glimpse into their individual personalities. Often being in a heavily business oriented school, we forget how important it is to step outside the confines of set standards, and seeing the models do just this brought a fresh feeling to the audience. The audience enjoyed watching the models having fun just as much, if not more.

Women in Business’s Executive Secretary, and the SYS spearhead, Andrea Valverde put it best when she explained, “Although a lot things didn't go as planned, overall I am extremely proud of the end result and wouldn't have wanted it any other way. The performers, models, host, DJ, and sponsors did an amazing job in helping us achieve our goal and I am so grateful. My end goal was to have the audience enjoy themselves at the event and acquire donations for charity. The audience truly enjoyed the event and I still get compliments on how well it all went. We achieved our goal of $2,000 to be donated to the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life.”

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