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  • Amberley Canegitta

Thanksgiving Potluck 2016

Once again, Women In Business was able to hit off a successful WIB Thanksgiving Potluck! The potluck was held not only to raise money for WIB, but also to share the joy of being thankful, and to spend time with fellow WIB members.

With more than 30 WIB members in attendance along with guests from other clubs, the Fundraising Committee was able to raise an astonishing $218.

At the potluck, those in attendance were able to enjoy and indulge on various Thanksgiving dishes made lovingly by WIB members. The dishes served ranged from the traditional mashed potatoes to some more cultural dishes such as dumplings, arepas, banana lumpia and biryani. The dishes reflected the cultures of the members who prepared them. Thus, we had a mix of American, Colombian, Venezuelan, Asian, Indian, Filipino and more cuisines.

Once members felt properly stuffed from the food, the Fundraising committee planned some highly competitive games for our members to participate in. Just one round of Family Feud had members up in arms against each other to win points. You can always count on our members to get competitive, while still being able to keep things friendly and lighthearted.

Most importantly, WIB members reflected on what they were thankful for so far this year. Not surprisingly, everyone agreed that they were thankful to be members of WIB.

We hope that everyone has at least one thing to be thankful for this year. We look forward to seeing you again at next year’s Thanksgiving Potluck!

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