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November's MVM

Congratulations to Eline on becoming November’s MVM! Continue reading for my interview with her.

1. Tell me about yourself for those who may not know who you are.

My name is Eline, and I am the VP of the Member Development Committee. I am an international student from Norway. I am now in my Senior year here at Baruch, with an Economics major and Political Science minor. I started WIB in the fall of 2015, and really got into it during my second semester as I was pursuing my full-year membership as a member of the Member Development Committee. The reason why I really enjoyed it was due to my wonderful VP of the time, Kseniya, as well as an absolutely lovely team. Following my graduation, I wish to pursue a career focusing on economic development throughout the world, especially in less developed countries in Africa, which is the field I see myself pursuing a career in after I graduate.

2. This is a question from someone who nominated you this month: As a senior, reflecting on your time in WIB, what are some of the greatest things you gained (knowledge or experience)?

I'm going to mention two things here. The first being an increased understanding of time management. I have never been good with time management, but being a full-time student as well as an intern, I had to make sure that I was as focused as possible when I was doing work. The second thing I gained from my time as the VP of MD is leadership skills. I really gained an understanding of what it takes to be a leader, to communicate well, to make diplomatic decisions and how to solve difficulties throughout my team.

3. As a member of the Member Development Committee, you and your members are given the task of helping all WIB members improve themselves. How do you make sure that your committee members are helped as well?

I have had an outstanding team this semester (props to them). From the very first day, they have been committed and focused on the MD committee’s vision and goals. They all truly illustrate a liking to what we do, and they wish to focus on helping others especially with things they themselves see as challenges. And this is how I make sure that they help themselves as well. When they are able to focus on challenges they face themselves, their liking to the subject is obvious to anyone, and they get an in-depth understanding of the topic we are focusing on.

4. How have your committee members grown since the beginning of the semester?

As I said, my committee has been absolutely outstanding! Each of them are wonderful individuals with their own strengths and specialized knowledge. This is what makes them great. On an overall basis, I have seen the greatest growth in their confidence and public speaking skills. They have all shown an astronomical growth in both areas, exuding confidence when they speak – and this is only after two events. Though they have grown a lot, I look forward to following their journeys as they continue to develop as individuals.

5. Where do you and your committee members get ideas for your MD events?

As I mentioned earlier, I think one of the greatest aspects of this year’s committee is that we have focused on what my committee wished to work on. With the second MD event of the semester we focused on how we, as students, can gain our first internship. This is something that is extremely important to all Baruch students. Moving forward, Irene, one of my committee members, sent out a survey asking the whole WIB community what type of events they want to see. Through doing this we really got a sense as to what our members want to hear more about, and where we can have the biggest impact.

6. How do you ensure that your committee members play an active role in the committee?

This was very important to me when I took on the role of VP. Throughout my time in WIB, I have heard that members were unsure what their role was, or what their responsibilities were. Due to this, I decided to create roles for every person to apply for prior to entering the MD committee. When members are entrusted with their own personal roles and responsibilities, they are much more likely to grow and further themselves.

7. Do you have any advice for new WIB members on how to make the most of their experience?

My only and best advice is GO TO EVENTS. Go to events, be present, be active and be yourself. Letting people know who you really are is the only way to learn, succeed and build relationships within the organization. So, do not be afraid of taking on challenges that excite or scare you, because this is how you will grow.

8. Those who nominated you agree that you put an emphasis on helping others while still being able to balance your own schedule. How do you manage to get this done?

That is a very flattering thought! I think that being a part of the Member Development Committee and by focusing on improving the soft skills of our members, helping others has come naturally to both my members and I. All of us are really just trying to do our part, and bring to the table what the organization expects of us. In regards to balancing my own schedule, this has always been a challenge. However, as I mentioned earlier, my time management skills have definitely improved. Hopefully, I will continue to get better at managing my time.

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