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Running For Board

Women In Business Board Elections are right around the corner and every inducted member is eligible. Naturally, many of you are excited to move forward in your WIB journey—whether it be joining a new committee or applying for co-chair, the end of this semester marks a change to come. That is why it is important for you to come out this May 12th and VOTE for your favorite VP, E-board, and Presidential candidates.

All 15 board positions are open and everyone is encouraged to run for the two that most interest them. To apply, you must have attended the Running For Board event. Those were who were there received an email with the full application instructions disclosed inside. Please remember the deadline date is May 3rd.

In the words of Erika, Graciela, Farrah, Devanshi, Orquidia, and Pratima:

Don’t hesitate to go for what you want.

You don’t assume a board position knowing everything pertaining to it. You have to approach it as a learning experience and just stay focused on why you are passionate about it. If you have any doubts, it’s recommended that you reach out to the VP who held the position prior so that they can help you with any of your questions.

Don’t forget there are also 14 other board members who are there with you—working and developing alongside you. It’s a team effort and joining the board will teach you how to effectively work well with others. You have to be able to distinguish everyone else’s goals and be ready to support their needs if applicable; and this requires a lot of trust.

As team members, you have to understand that sometimes conflict of interests will arise, but that is normal in any formal organization. It just means that the two parties arguing are passionate about their projects. The best way to sort things out is to communicate with one another and try to reach a mutually beneficial situation. Afterall, nobody is trying to produce sabotage. Every board member is only looking to put their best foot forward and make their mark on the growing WIB legacy. This is your chance to actually learn what it’s like to work in Corporate America.

So go out there: run your campaigns and make sure your votes are heard.

~May the best woman win~

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