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Bingo Night With Women In Need

Philanthropy: Bingo Night with Women In Need

WIB’s first philanthropy event of the semester was Bingo Night with Women In Need (WIN). WIN was established in 1983 as an organization dedicated to help homeless women and children around NYC get back up on their feet. Not only does the organization provide basic housing, but they also have programs and services in child care, education, self-motivation, life skills, etc. that work to assist the homeless in gaining a permanent home. The main goal of the organization is to break the cycle of homelessness, so that the poverty stricken women and children can look up to a brighter future.

For our event, WIB volunteers traveled to the NYC branch of WIN to spend some time with the women at the shelter. WIB members had the chance to craft coffee filter roses and creating cards for loved ones. To commemorate Valentine’s Day, volunteers were provided with bingo cards and conversation hearts. There were 6 prizes at the event--ranging from makeup, skin care, to stress relievers.WIB & WIN have collaborated with each other for the past 2 years, hosting fun events and providing a community for all women to come together. We look forward to continuing our partnership with WIN in hopes of working progressively towards a better future.

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